Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's a major award! But I didn't win

Last night was the adult awards and scholarship recognition. I was nominated but didn't win, but I wanted to go anyway. They said Bucky Badger would be there and they'd have snacks. I'm so easily bought. Bucky was, indeed, there. He scared the hell out of Eric at one point, coming up behind him and putting his big furry paws over his eyes. Eric recovered himself well, but I felt bad for him. The food was fantastic. Dang. I gotta go to more of these university-sponsored events.

So, the people who won have pretty amazing stories. I knew they would. I've had it relatively easy. You know, I'm not a war refugee who just learned English a few years ago. I haven't raised disabled children while living in my car. One guy, who didn't win either, was so overcome he couldn't even speak when he got his certificate. He started to cry instead. God. I didn't know what to say when I got mine, so I thanked my professors and my family and when I started to babble, cut it off. I was told I looked "relaxed." Must have been that pineapple that was starting to turn.

There were some people there I knew. I was happy to see one of them, surprised to see another, and disheartened to see yet another – of all the arrogant, self-satisfied dicks on campus, he definitely wins the asshole award.

But enough about him.

It was a nice 90 minutes. The alumni association made sure to get all our pictures and releases so they can use us for advertising and fundraising to keep those scholarships and awards coming. The chancellor said he understood it was harder for returning adults to go to this school. We are such a tiny portion of the student body that school services are geared toward traditional students out of necessity. Which doesn't make it any easier for us. So, go us.

Eric and Kayleigh talked to the dean and an assistant dean, and he pointed out the story they had read on the front page the previous morning was mine. Heh. He's always drumming for me. He also told them Kayleigh was looking at UW-Stout for college. They both said how much they liked Stout, so I think that made her feel good.

Anyway, I better get some work done. Darn.


MJ Krech said...

Would have loved to have seen some photos of this! Did you or Eric take any? Hope! Hope! Hope! How kewl that Kayleigh got to go!

Amy said...

We all went. We didn't take any pictures, but they did. I'm sure they'll offer to sell us some.

Lola said...

Yay! for mature students. My school takes care to look after us, and does a great job, even though we are very few.

Pity you didn't win that award though, perhaps you should start living in your car? Maybe it's too big a step for an award that isn't going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

aims said...

Wow! That is great!

Can't you please tell us the story of the asshole?

jan said...

Amy, you're amazing. Keep it up.

I'd like to hear the story of the "asshole".

Amy said...

Lola, I'll stay in my house, thanks. I would have liked to win, though. That I didn't, I guess, means I'm pretty lucky.

Aims, Jan: the asshole. Hmm. He had a news assignment but refused to speak with any of the parties involved about the issue. He called getting their perspective "pop reporting," but said he understood the need for that kind of journalism lite sometimes. He never finished the article. He only wanted to include his own interpretation of the issue at hand, which I can't even remember anymore. I told him it was a news article, not a column. He also wanted to do a column in every issue about the people he picked up in his cab. I told him it would be a fun piece, but we'd just try one to see how it went first. I wasn't about to give him space for the rest of the year if it sucked. He never gave me one, ever. One of the CD reviews he wrote was like he was on an acid trip. It was all about his impressions and memories and habits, which included which side of his pants he always stuck his schlong down, as if any reader wants to know about that when reading a CD review. When he spoke, it was as if it were from on high. He did nothing to hide his disdain for anyone he considered less intelligent or less educated. He hated it when anything was changed in his work, even correcting errors. One of his articles was edited heavily, and he had a cow. He said if his words were going to be altered to such an extent, he would rather they weren't printed at all. I told him I understood it sucked when someone changed things. BUT, and there were lots of buts, if he had gotten the work in on time, he could have participated in the editing process. If he had stayed within the word limit, it would not have been cut in half. If he would proof his work before sending it in, he would likely notice some of the blemishes on his precious construction. I told him I would be happy to work with him, as would any of the section editors, to get his work where we were all happy with it. Instead, he chose not to write anymore. I didn't miss him.

laurie said...


just being nominated is very nice.

Amy said...

Thanks, Laurie. It is nice. Money would have been even nicer. It could pay for my basement repairs. Or begin to.