Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snap, crackle, knuckle

Oh my god.

I am up to my eyeballs in research. I did not expect this little job to be so consuming. I spend my day on the phone, trying to coax corporate executives into spilling their guts about sales figures, trying to find a list of women-owned businesses in the state, trying to confirm a business really is owned by a woman or a group of women, trying not to trip over my tongue after hours of repeating myself.

I told my editor to prepare the noose, but apparently they can't afford one.

And now I've just jammed my ring finger and darling pinky trying to block a kick to the back from Kelsey. We get a little rowdy when we're cooking sometimes, and Kelsey and I practice kicks, punches and blocks. I have a tremendous size advantage, naturally. Nevertheless, poor technique coupled with distraction resulted in a delicate *snap* and the swelling of my phalanges.

Ah, well. It's my show night. "MI-5" (known as "Spooks" everywhere else in the world) started last week. The first episode was good, so I'll give it another try. I've only been watching one other show, "Doc Martin," which I watch with my mom on Saturday nights. Someone (Hi, Judie!) sent me the DVDs ages ago, but I'm watching it on TV with my mom instead. It's good to have an excuse to get together.

And by the way--it's not nearly as cold as it's been predicted to be. I bet the kids will be back in school tomorrow, unfortunately. I like having them around.


Lola said...

I hardly watch any TV, but I loved Doc Martin (when I could get round to watching)! Martin Clunes does grumpy almost as well as he does comedy.

Amy said...

I looked Martin Clunes up on IMDB, and I was shocked at how much he's done. Not much of that has made it to Flyover Country, USA. My mother says every week, "He's just a CRAB!"

Did you ever watch Distant Shores? Another city-doctor-goes-to-the-country story. I thought it was great. I wish they'd done more another series. Very clever writing.

laurie said...

ah, doc marten. the story of a shoemaker....

seriously, you get different shoes there in madison than we do in minneapolis, apparently.

aims said...

I love researching stuff - but some of the stuff you have to go through to do it - ugh!

Amy said...

Different shoes, huh? Maybe different shows, but I'm not sure that our footwear is so different. Heh.

Aims, welcome back. I'm glad to be mostly done with my research. Then I'll be glad to get paid.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That word research used to scare the hell out o'me! But since writing my book I've had no choice!

Hope the fingers heal.

CJ xx

Amy said...

My fingers are back to normal. And some research is fun. This hasn't been, but I'm about done, thankfully.