Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sure saves money on grocery bills

I expected a quiet week at home with everyone back in school but me. I had a list of things I wanted to do before I went back to school, and by some curious happenstance, I was getting some of them done. (Not all of them, of course. I mean, let's be realistic about who exactly is writing this.) And it has been a quiet week, aside from the occasional sounds of weeping and retching coming out of my children's bedrooms.

Yes, my kids have gone back to school for the post-holiday virus exchange. Kayleigh was stricken first, coming into our room at 4 a.m. Wednesday saying she didn't feel well. Kelsey returned from school today and headed straight for the toilet. Both are snug in their beds. Kayleigh has visions of rockets and bananas in her head. I guess she's growing into her mother's girl, at least in her wild, illness-induced dreams.

I just got a decent freelance job, too. I was finally settling in, my computer dutifully open, my distracting tabs closed, ready to work. But it looks like another couple days of stressing. I do fret about puke. And given the odd twist in my gut right now, I may be doing more than fretting soon.

But I hope not.


MJ Krech said...

Oh, you poor dear! Don't you just HATE it when your best-laid plans fall to puke! I hope they get better soon and you get back-on-track before your week is over!

laurie said...

hope you don't get sick! wha's the freelance job?

the rotten correspondent said...

Congrats on the freelance job. Please tell me that you aren't puking too.

Amy said...

We are healthy. No parental puking allowed.

My freelance gig: not too exciting, just fact-checking, but they called me and said there was more where that came from.