Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bye-bye, Ben

My nephew Ben left on Wednesday. It really sucked.

He came out here from Utah in February, a few months before he wanted to. The idea was for him to come and live with my mom and establish residency. After he earned residency, he would go to MATC in the networking and security degrees. He looked all over the country, and MATC was the only school that had what he wanted. It was also very convenient that my mom lives 5 minutes from there, and she wouldn't charge rent.

He came out early because my mom had a heart attack and was feeling scared.

Ben is a great guy. He's fun and smart and thoughtful, and he had a good plan. He really has his head on right.

But then my brother got sick. Well, sicker. He'd send someone with Munchausen's into a fit of jealousy. Anyway, my sister-in-law wanted him to come home and help. Ben came out early here to help, and now he went home early to help.

The thing that pisses me off is that he was working toward something. He had a good plan, and he was actually doing it. He has three siblings, all adults, two of whom live at home. Are they useless or something?

We had a party for him at my mom's last week. I cried when we hugged goodbye. It made him cry, too. I felt bad, but I thought it was good he knew someone was crying for him.

We stopped by Tuesday night to take some pictures because we all forgot to at the party. I got two pictures, THEN MY CAMERA BROKE. This really has been an annoying week.

When we said goodbye again, he said, "I'll take good care of your brother for you." I said thanks, but I wanted to say, "Take care of you, too." We were already getting teary again, so I kept my mouth shut, or it would have been gushers.

He left at 2:30 on Wednesday.

So, that's my week. Two dead people, one dad rat, one broken camera, lice, and an absent nephew. And today I'm staying home to do homework instead of going on a walk in the woods with a delightful stop at an apple orchard. I better get a lot done. So enough of this blogging!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

So sorry you are feeling down. I think we should form a "feeling pissed off" club.

Find something to do, make some plans. Keep ya pecker up! And take care.

Love Crystal xx

Amy said...

Keep ya pecker up. That's great. But I'm really not feeling down. I think I'm controlled too hormonally to get down this time of the month. Besides, I just had some Oreo ice cream.

laurie said...

ok, this is weird. i 'm sure i left a comment on here earlier... but it's gone.

did i swear? did it get deleted? or am i delusional?

Amy said...

Strictly delusional. What did you say?

jan said...

You have a kind heart, Amy. I feel for Ben. I hope he can come back.

laurie said...

it was brilliant, whatever i said.
can't remember now.

but i did like your post, and i feel for you. ben's a lucky guy, to be loved and needed in so many places. i hope he can come back.

Amy said...

Hi, Jan. I hope he can come back, too. He says it's possible, but he is not planning on it right now.

Laurie, I expect your comments to be brilliant.

Another person had some trouble leaving a comment one day. Fussy Blogger.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Poor Ben. How did he get elected to be dad's keeper?

I'm on the same rat page as you. There must be something in the air.

Chin up. It's going to get better. Right?


Amy said...

Within the bounds of normal America, it can't get much worse. death and puke and bugs and snotty children and messy houses and fat thighs