Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloweeen Eve

It's getting very fallish here. The leaves are gorgeous and falling a bit more heavily now. August through October are pretty much ideal and a great reason to live here.

Last night, Kelsey carved her pumpkin. She got a bit tired, so I did the mouth. But she did the scooping, which I hate, and most of the carving. She had drawn a very complicated pattern, so I encouraged her to rethink it. In other words, I said no. It turned out pretty cute. If I can find cords, I'll post pictures later.

We roasted the seeds with a little salt. One year, we had a lot of pumpkins and the seeds were huge. We roasted them in butter and salt. Oh, they were so good. And we all had the runs for a couple of days from making such piggies of ourselves.

The pumpkin patch we usually go to was closed this year. Apparently our horrible weather made for a bad pumpkin harvest. I guess they just didn't bother. We ended up buying our pumpkins at the grocery store, which is just not as fun.

Today I bought more Halloween candy. I had bought some, but we ate it. Then Eric bought some, but we ate it. I nearly killed a bag of Butterfingers myself this afternoon, but I stopped after, oh, eight bars or so. I know! I'm horrible. But I hadn't had a Butterfinger in so long. And they were so good. But now I don't feel so grand. My head will swoon a while, I think, and I will likely skip dinner. Uch.


laurie said...

we bought butterfingers for our halloween candy, too, but for a different reason: i picked them because they are so gross and foul that i will never be the slightest bit tempted to eat them.

it's been years since i carved a pumpkin. my family used to have a competition every fall (of course), but not for the last 5 years or so.

Amy said...

Ha! I used to hate Butterfingers, too. Now I love them. I learned never to buy candy I didn't like. Sometimes we don't have many kids (we live on a hill--kids want easy candy) and then we're stuck eating gross candy or throwing it away.

laurie said...

i just bring it to work and foist it off on the newsroom.
it's gone within seconds.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I'm not buying my candy until this afternoon.

I know myself too well.

The Rotten Correspondent said...



I may have to rethink this friendship.