Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not the day I had planned

Kelsey came home from school very tired. She settled into the couch and looked at me with a saggy face. Kelsey doesn't get tired. Even when she's tired, she's not tired.

What is it about holidays that makes kids get sick?

I held her for a while, feeling her forehead every minute or so. The heat on my palm and against my lips climbed every minute or so. Fuck.

She asked for her sick meal: oatmeal and hot apple cider. She ate lots of it. Then her head started to hurt. She parked herself in front of the TV and watched insanely frightening Halloween programs that absolutely should not have been on that time of day. She loved it. In her sick way.

Today, her temperature is still kind of up there. She doesn't feel awful, but she doesn't feel normal. Eric talked to her teacher, who said to send her to school but come and get her after the Halloween party. She really, really didn't want to miss the Halloween party and parade.

Shit! The parade is in half an hour and I haven't even attempted getting ready. Pardon me....


I picked Kelsey up from school at 10. She still has a fever. Now her glands are swelling to the point of making her look like a little mumps chub. She's cheerful enough, which is encouraging. I suppose she can watch more horrible Halloween movies while I do my homework. She got to go through the parade and have her party, and now she can just relax until tonight. Unless she is barfing or unable to walk from fever, she will go trick-or-treating.


laurie said...

ah, poor kid.

usually they get sick after all the candy.

Amy said...

Yeah, it sucks to get sick on such a fun day.

One Halloween, Kayleigh got so exhausted from trick-or-treating that when she got home, she drank about a gallon of water. I told her to stop drinking, but she wouldn't because I don't know anything. Then it hit her. She laid around, holding her swollen belly, waiting to hurl. She never did, but she only had one piece of candy, and that was only because her homework was to bring in the wrapper of the first piece of candy she ate.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Sick kids. Shit.

Sick kids on holidays. Double shit.

Poor, poor both of you.

Amy said...

Ah, well. I think Kayleigh was sick for every holiday until she was about 8. After a while, we stopped making plans and kept a bucket in the car.

Kelsey is OK. She's watching TV mostly. In her pajamas. She looks pretty good, except for her face and neck being swollen. It makes her look older. She thinks it's weird. Sometime in the last year, one of her glands swelled tremendously and it really hurt her. But it was gone in a couple of days, and she was fine. I guess it did its job.

Stepping Over the Junk said...


Eric said...

I took Kelsey out for trick-or-treating last evening. She held up pretty well considering that she still had a bit of a fever. She went with a friend who kept getting ahead of her, but that was a small problem. She got a huge load of candy that she spread out all over the living room floor. She's going to be home with me in the morning and Amy in the afternoon. Tag-team parenting!