Friday, October 05, 2007

Nit picking

Kelsey has lice. Gross.

We got a note on Monday that a kid in her class had lice. We were supposed to check her. I didn't bother.

But a couple days ago, I noticed her hair was awfully icky, she was a little weird and was scratching her head.

Last night, I saw something brown on her scalp. Then it was gone. This morning, I looked in her hair and saw some bugs. Eric plucked them out and said they were nothing, just crud. They looked like bugs to me. When she got home, I looked again. More bugs. Definitely bugs. Not just crud. And she had red marks on her neck.

So we got the Nix and the nit comb and the egg comb and tossed her in the tub. Eric sure believed me after that. Holy infestation, that was an experience.

Now, every itch is a louse. Every mole on our skin is a louse. We've looked through our hair, examined our scalps, but only Kelsey has them. So far.

I've never had lice. I've never lived with anyone who had lice. I feel bad, but I don't even want to hug her. Eew. I might get cooties.

Poor kid.


The Rotten Correspondent said...


Did you have to wash all your bedding and everything or did you catch it in time?

I had a hair appt. this week and they were talking about this shampoo that they had gotten by accident that is supposed to repel lice if there's an outbreak at school. I don't know what it's called (and I know it's too late this time) but that stuff could really come in handy.

Amy said...

Believe me, we took no chances. Well, maybe one or two. I didn't wash the stuffed animal she'd been sleeping with, but I did isolate it.

I think we found it pretty fast. Still, eew.