Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rock of Ages

My cousin sent me this link of a rockin' parrot. I think this bird might be a pig because it sure is a ham.

The other day I was looking to see if I still had A-to-Z music. When I was a teen, I decided to try to get at least one album that started with a different letter of the alphabet. I accomplished that at some point, but in the years that have followed, I've gotten rid of some of my music. I never, ever listened to most of it, and it was taking up space, a lot of it was on tape, and I was in the mood to purge. So, I couldn't find an N, X, P, or Z. But in looking for the music, I found a tape of me and my parents when I was four. If I ever figure out how to get it onto the computer, I'll post it. It's fun to hear my dad. I remember the last time I found it, I cried when I heard his voice. I'm not really a crier, so it surprised me.


Warren said...

Send it to me, Amy. I'll dub it at the station and send you a sound file.

Eric said...

OK, I'll do it. Amy knows that I can get the recording on a computer. I have been dragging my feet on it because we're all so busy. I promise I'll do it today BEFORE I practice.

I remember her hearing it and crying that time. It surprised me too and it was really wonderful hearing her very young voice.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I had an Amazon parrot for years and couldn't play Springsteen (particularly Tenth Avenue Freeze Out) without the bird going nuts on me. I'm not sure he got his feet into it as much though. Very cute.