Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hammer Time

I had lunch with my feature writing class yesterday. It was a nice way to wrap up the semester on someone else's tab. We had pizza at Glass Nickel, which is excellent. The teacher asked each of us in turn what we'd be doing this summer or what we wanted to be doing this summer. I said I wanted to rip out my bathroom. She was delighted, having worked as a carpenter for years. She said she'd help if I'd help her at the farm. Sounds like a plan to me. Eric says he doesn't have time to help tear out and replace a bathroom. I said he didn't need to have time because Bird does. So, not to get all 80s on your ass, but it's hamma tahm, literally.

Yesterday I wrote a paper about assimilation pressures and growing ties to native cultures from 1800 to the present. Sounds like college, doesn't it? The teacher said to footnote like crazy, so I did. I have one paragraph where every sentence is footnoted. Ha! Who needs any original ideas when you can footnote everything? See, teach? I used those precious sources.

Today I am writing about Christian influence on Native American religions from contact to the present. Joy. The easy part was mesoamerica. Can we say Catholic? Now I have to move north and further down the timeline. Fun, fun – where's my peyote?

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laurie said...

c'mon, girl. i tagged you off my blog. go for it.