Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birthday, birthday, birthday, graduation, graduation

Since my birthday always falls at a busy time of year, we decided to go to Mineral Point for the day on Saturday to celebrate. Mineral Point has lots of potters and other artists. I'm a pottery slut. A couple of years ago, my friend Carolin came to visit from Germany, and Mineral Point was one of the places we went.

Anyway, I was too sick to go. My head hurt, and I was tired, and the thing I wanted to buy in Mineral Point was a few hundred dollars if they still had any, and I wasn't in the mood to drop that kind of money on such frivolity. So we went to the Bruce Company and bought a couple of apple trees and planted them in the back yard instead. I didn't have to do much digging since I was in such a condition, but Eric and my nephew Ben were here and willing. We bought a Gala and a Haralson. The Haralson isn't holding up well, but the gala has loads of little apples on it already. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Sunday was graduation. I hoped I wouldn't snot all over the place, and I hoped it wouldn't rain. I also hoped Bettsey (the college president) wouldn't be pissy at me when I shook her hand. I wrote an editorial for the final issue of the paper about graduation gripes. Namely, five tickets per graduate is not enough, parking is a nightmare, faculty aren't involved enough, and what it if rains? But--blah, blah, blah. I talk too much. Let's just say she got a little defensive.

Anyway, my nose stayed thoroughly plugged, no drips. I didn't feel like fainting, I didn't erupt in a fit of coughing.

So we walked down the street in our gowns, listened to people talk about how great MATC is and what an accomplishment this is. Our parents should be proud. What about our kids? Bettsey, dear, did mention spouses once. Just once. Ah, but I digress again.

Here we are, after the fact. Lovely Anna took this photo. I will miss her.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent with family. We had a party for three birthdays and two graduations: Amy, Rebecca, and Brendan birthdays; Amy and Nathan graduations. Nathan graduated from law school. Pretty dyno.

Doug cooked the standing rib that I bought my mom for Christmas on the grill. I'm glad she didn't have another heart attack. We had a four-foot sub from Cousins, two cheesecakes, two pies, and one cake. And a salad. And two bags of chips. And excellent coffee, according to my mother. The kids had fun playing. It was a pleasant day.


laurie said...

that is one good-looking family.

congratulations! i hope you eventually get rid of your cold.

Amy said...

Thanks! I'm healing, but I still sound like I have a swimming pool up my nose.

Lisa said...

Dear Our Lady of Perpetual Snot;


The picture was very nice, makes me want to go to Chens and order happy family.

Amy said...

Hey, if I've inspired you to Chinese food, I feel good.

The snot is subsiding. I'll get well soon.

Are you coming to WI this summer?

Kath said...

Congratulations, and yes, that is a lovely photo. Those girls are growing up SOOOO fast!

Amy said...

Thanks! Yes, the kids are getting big and old. It's astonishing sometimes to look straight into Kayleigh's face.