Monday, May 07, 2007

Thespian again

Last fall, MATC Performing Arts hosted a playwriting contest. I was asked not to write anything so I could be a judge. Fine.

This spring, it was time to perform the winning plays. Directors quit, designers quit--an actor walked out two hours before curtain. Don't you love commitment?

Kelsey was in one of the plays, so we were all there ahead of time for a last-minute rehearsal. That's when chickie went home because she wasn't feeling well. She wasn't feeling well because she never learned her lines. The director, the one who was left, was about in tears and was utterly disgusted. I volunteered to go on in chickie's place. I said we could do it as a staged reading. I was handed a script.

I read through with the other actor. He said I did it better in one reading than chickie had ever done. He was great at bolstering my confidence!

Let me tell you, it takes the pressure off, knowing that no matter how badly I screw up I'll be forgiven because I've only had the job for two hours.

So, the show went on. We walked out onto the stage, and Kayleigh said from the audience, "Mom?! Oh, my god! That's so embarrassing!" and tried to get up to leave. Always my pillar of support, my personal cheering section, that one. I'm glad I didn't hear her.

It was pretty fun, actually. I'm glad I did it. Eric said people were shocked I only had two hours to rehearse. Through the grapevine, I hear that the performing arts advisor said I was "a thousand times better" than chickie.

By the way, here's a big thanks to that performing arts advisor, Mike, for nominating me for Learner of the Year. He's a kind man, a funny guy, smart as a whip, and a great friend. Hugs.


Eric said...

Amy rocked! Amy RULES!!!

STL Sarah said...

Amy DOES rule! And Kayleigh is cracking me up with her comments.