Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Like a Rock

Memorial Day was pretty low-key at our house. We didn't go to the parade. We puttered in the morning. Eric worked in the shop, I watered plants in an effort not to kill them this year, Kayleigh played video games and did homework, Kelsey bounced around.

We spent the afternoon at Gibraltar Rock, a little park north of here that overlooks the Wisconsin River. My mother was always terrified at the top of the bluff, so my family never went there by the time I was born. As Kelsey got very close to the edge of the cliff, I understood my mother's terror. My god--it does make your toenails curl to see your kid so close to a sheer rock face hundreds of feet up.

The wind up there has twisted the trees and shorn them of branches landside.

We all had a good time. It was a steep walk up, and the kids were tired this morning. Heh.


Kath said...

Will you take me there when I get to visit? Or will it be too cold?

Amy said...

Cool! I'm sure we could go. The only problem would be ice, but it sounds like you'll be here before it's too slippery. Can't wait!