Wednesday, May 16, 2007

They Say It's Your Birthday

B-flat, please:

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday dear Amy,
Happy birthday to me.


So, for my big day, I'm lying around blowing my nose. It's supposed to be a hailstorm this afternoon, which doesn't make me really want to go out for dinner, which I would probably have insisted on, otherwise. It's quite nice now, so I might take myself out to lunch. I was thinking of the Market Street Diner in Sun Prairie, but it looks just like all the other places Food Fight runs, so I might skip it and just have my free dessert at Borders. The way I'm feeling, food should probably be kept to a minimum anyway.

The last time I felt like this on my birthday was 1998. I decided to ignore it and went over to Madison Block & Stone and brought home a bunch of fieldstone to make a little garden by the back door. I made the garden. Then I had to go pick up my mom and take her flower shopping. As we were driving to the flower store, there was just no denying anymore how sick I was, and I told her I couldn't go. I was about to pass out. So I drove to my place and had a nap while she sat in the living room, likely snoring herself. Then people kept arriving and they kept bringing chocolate and I felt obliged to eat it. Oh, god. Over the next couple of days, I lost seven pounds. It was not pleasant.

Since I don't want to repeat that day of nine years ago, I'm not doing anything so strenuous. I'm going to go buy frames for art the kids have done over the years. Kayleigh made the coolest line cat in second grade, and it's been sitting there waiting for me ever since. Sheesh--as Kayleigh would say--how difficult is it to buy a damn frame? It really shouldn't take five years.

Usually I make a fabulous cake for my birthday. I'm going to buy a pie at Ken's instead and be done with it.


laurie said...

and how's your head today?

Anonymous said...

Happy day after your birthday. May 16th is my wedding anniversay.

Anonymous said...

Oops didn't mean to be anonymous, but you know I'm technically challenged. Jan

Amy said...

Laurie, my head is still full of snot, but I don't feel quite so horrible.

Jan, hello! How fun that we share a great day. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I spent my day shopping--how girly is that? I bought five tops and a skirt. I also went to that restaurant, which was excellent, and I brought home a full pie--French silk. I'm always leery of store-bought pie, but this one was absolutely delicious. Oh, my. I couldn't even finish my slice, which was smaller than I would usually take. I thought Kelsey might have a vision of the rapture to hear her going on about it. I had another piece for breakfast today. Mmmm....

STL Sarah said...

Holy crap- I can't believe I missed your birthday! :( Hope it was a good one. It's now on my calendar for years to come.

laurie said...

by not updating your blog since this posting, does that make it your birthday for all eternity?