Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clover Choco-Paws

In 12 hours, my taxi comes to take me to heaven. I better get packing. Kelsey is packed, of course. She packed last week.

I spoke with the Easter Bunny earlier tonight, and she will not forget us on Easter. She is very excited to come to our house.

Your Easter Bunny Name is

Clover Choco-Paws

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I covered a cool story this week. The night editor decided it wasn't so cool and didn't run it. I asked about it, and it ran without photos today. People at work said it was a great story that screamed for art. I agree. Apparently the other daily ran a story with cool photos yesterday. We would have beat them to it if they had run my story with those nifty photos on Wednesday morning. Them's the breaks.

A while back, I got an email that I had been nominated for an award at school, an Outstanding Returning Adult Student Award. I had to write a five-page essay answering a number of questions. The winner would get $1,000. Today I got the paper that said I did not win. I'm not surprised. I've only been back for a semester, and I will graduate in December. And I don't face the hardships that previous winners have. I didn't come here as a widow with seven children from a small African country that's been in the midst of civil war for years. I'm just a mom doing a little to get off her dead ass.

I better get packing. Have a good week or two.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Enjoy Heaven - I hear it's a great place.

CJ xx

laurie said...

what an odd decision for the night editor to make. did you ask him/her why?

MJ Krech said...

Have a great vacation. Does Eric get to play, too, or is he conferencing?