Thursday, March 27, 2008

I wish this were true

You Are Clogs

You are a solid and down to earth person.

You seek – and almost always achieve – a really sound balance in your life.

You are stylish yet comfortable. Mellow but driven. Excited yet calm.

You are the perfect mesh of contradictions.

No matter what happens, you have the ability to stay well grounded in your life.

People know that they can truly depend on you.

You should live: In Europe

You should work: At a company dedicated to helping the world


jan said...

I do not like that test. It says I'm a flip flop, most people say I'm stubborn. Only thing they got right is that I should live by the beach.

laurie said...

which part do you wish were true? that you really were a clog?

or that you had all those attributes? i think you do.

i'd better take that test. i'm guessing i'm a comfy old tennis shoe.....

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I'm a clog too. I like clogs.

Amy said...

Jan, you are definitely not a flip flop.

Laurie, I wish I had those attributes. Thanks for believing in me. Maybe I do have those qualities. I just wish I felt more comfortable in clogs. They're hard.

RC, do you wear those Croc-like clogs at work? It seems they wear dark blue ones at the hospitals around here. Maybe it depends on the color of the scrubs.