Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hot off the presses

Cool – I had my first Sunday article today. It wasn't the centerpiece, but it had a couple of photos and ran on the first page of the local section. It's pretty PR-ish, but it was a fun one to do.

I went to the children's hospital, which opened last year and is totally awesome in every way. They have a center for kids who've lost their hair or have scars from surgeries where they can choose wigs, hats, bandannas, makeup, nail polish, get their hair cut, all that kind of crap. It's all free. So I talked with a couple kids who'd used the services and with the hospital people. It was kinda dyno, I must say.

When I was writing it, I kind of struggled with that PR aspect. I also couldn't figure out where to start. So I wrote "FABULOUS LEDE GOES HERE." And then I forgot all about it, did a quick scan, and advanced it. As I headed off to get a Diet Pepsi, I stopped by the editor's desk to say it was coming her way. So she popped it open quick.

"I like your lede!" she said. She was so convincing and so unusually spirited that I thought I must have done a good job. "Fabulous lede DOES go here," she said. "Why don't you go get your soda, I'll read through the rest, and you can work on a fabulous lede."

I felt like a total dork. When I got down to the cafeteria, I told the old pros about it. They laughed but seemed concerned. I guess if someone making more than $25 a week sent that in, they'd get chewed a new one. Seems a little extreme.

Anyway, you can read it here, if you so desire.


laurie said...

hmm not chewed a new one. but treated pretty much the way you were: HAHAHA now go write it!

Sweet Irene said...

Good story, Amy. Writing a good positive newspaper article is not an easy job. There are so many expectations to live up to. It would almost deter you from writing it. Next time you'll write the lede and write below that: FABULOUS STORY GOES HERE.

Rash Vows and Beautiful Grandchildren said...

Hey Amy - Bill and I had bought the WSJ today to read about the Badgers and ALSO got to read Amy Knapp's article!! I was/am impressed and proud.

Heidi said...

Well I learned something new today.

"Why would she spell it 'lede'?"

Nice job.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

What a fantastic idea to boost a child's confidence. Well done to you for highlighting it.

Crystal xx

Amy said...

Laurie, apparently one of the editors I'm working with is a bit more highly strung than you. I'm being allowed my freshman errors, though.

Irene, thanks. It was a cool experience. I love your FABULOUS STORY GOES HERE. Funny.

Laura, may I call you Laura? Or should I call you Rash? or RV? Not to be confused with RC? Anyway, thanks for noticing my article and thanks for being pleased.

Heidi, I'm so happy to have furthered your education. That will $25.

CJ, it was a nice article to do and one the editor wasn't even going to assign. I'm glad she did.

MJ Krech said...

Very kewl, Amy! We were in Phoenix last weekend and I'm still suffering from jet lag or something... Loved your article! Way to go! Do you have much snow left in Madison? St. Louis got 10 inches right after we raced west from the airport when we got back on Monday night. We were thankful we made it without a blizzard to drive through, although being trapped at Dan and Sarah's with that much snow was somewhat tempting...