Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Heading South, in so many ways

My family and I will depart the frozen tundra in a couple of days. The sunny shores of the Florida coast await. We will swim with dolphins, we will smile at Mickey Mouse, we will stand in long lines, we will cover our feet in sand. We won't need down jackets or Gore-Tex boots. We will use our car's AC, not the heater.

So I will not be around, posting pointless perceptions for both of my readers. If you still remember me in a couple weeks, check back then.

Ciao, baby.


aims said...

Ahhhh - the land of Mickey - one of my favorite places on the earth!
Darling - do have a blast - and don't give us people freezing up here in the snow a thought...we'll be fine - really...

laurie said...

ha. you're bloglined, baby.
no way can you avoid me.

when you post, i know.

have fun in Fla! i've only been to St. Pete. i liked it quite a bit. sleepy and quiet, just like me.

also, hot. unlike me.

Sweet Irene said...

You never post pointless perceptions, silly.

Have a wonderful time. Say HI! to Mickey from me. I knew him way back when...

jan said...

Have a wonderful time down here in my neck of the woods.

MJ Krech said...

Lucky you! Give everyone my love and collect me some sand, please! Have fun! Get warm for us all!

Amy said...

Aims, dream a little dream of me.

Laurie, I think I will need a day of sleepy in between Space Mountain and Discovery Cove.

Irene, I will give Mickey your regards.

Jan, I will wave down the peninsula at you.

Marcia, how much sand?