Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Got any more complaints?

I'm not very happy today. It's just a bunch of little things that should be nothing but aren't. The rain yesterday left me listless.

My right side hurts from my lower back down to my ankle. When I sit in bed (my desk), then my back hurts, too. And my neck.

I'm the oldest person in my class.

Nothing I eat is satisfying. I don't know what I want. Something hot and salty – get your minds out of the gutter. Something cold and chocolaty. Something hot and chocolaty. Something cheesy. Something chewy. Something crunchy. The problem with all those descriptors is that they largely apply to hip-enhancing foods. And I don't want to cook. Nor do I want to go out. I want to sit in my bed and watch a sappy movie. But then my back would hurt again.

Kelsey stayed home sick today. Not that she was especially sick. She wasn't. At least, she isn't now. She made a spectacular recovery at about 1 p.m. The living room is now full of animal houses, which she assembled in her newfound health. We have the farm, the dogs' house, the penguins' house, the gorillas' house, the birds' house, the elephants' apartment, the bears' apartment, and the cat house. I mean, cats' house. They fortunately have some shops to serve their needs – a sporting goods store and a sunglasses shop. Because every elephant needs a skateboard and shades, no? Oh, I forgot the horses. How could I?

Right now she's making a zoo on my bed with live animals. I just changed the sheets, too.

It sucked that I couldn't come home from school and just chill a little. I had to go instantly into attentive-mom mode.

At least they canceled soccer practice.

Bored yet? Me, too. What a whiner. And none of it matters. I can see my dad stomping his foot at me, saying, "Aw, quitcherbitchin."

Want to piss and moan? Go ahead. Sully my blog instead of your own. Global therapy. Whatever.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Amy - my favourite name! My daughter's name.

Moan all you want. I love a good moan, a good old whine that shakes off all the cobwebs!

Crystal xx

Amy said...

Crystal, I never felt like an Amy. I always thought I should have a more masculine name, like Jo. But all the names my family had picked out were very girly, like Emily and Bonny--and Amy. I think Amy is such a pretty name, and hardly fitting for someone like me!

I feel much better today. My moaning must have helped. Thanks for being there.