Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time Passes

Monday we celebrated Kelsey's birthday. Her real birthday was Tuesday, but Eric had to work that night. It was also the first day of school. So much happening at once.

Kelsey's party was pretty quiet. I was glad. In true Amy fashion, I invited the family with hardly a moment's notice. On a holiday weekend, people have other plans anyway.

She was pleased with her presents. Here she is hugging her sister, who gave her Pokemon Pearl for Nintendo DS. She got a lot of Star Wars stuff (three action figures and a light saber), a build-your-own skateboard kit, some Hannah Montana stuff, a recorder (she played it all night), and, oh, ah, a black iPod Nano. The Nano was a near-freebie when I bought my laptop.

We polished off all the cake and all the ice cream. Wow. What piggies.

On her real birthday, she had to get up and go to school. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

On the first day of school, we always take the kids' pictures by their birth trees. Here is Kayleigh on her way to 8th grade, and Kelsey on her way to 2nd.

Kayleigh HATES getting her picture taken. And her hair is wet, not greasy.

Tuesday morning also greeted me with the news that my advisor's mom had passed away. She went from thinking she was a perfectly healthy woman looking forward to a long and happy retirement to being told she had lung cancer and had six months to live. She lived only two months after diagnosis. I'm sure it's a terrible shock for the family. Doug (the advisor--former advisor, really), who does his best to keep his personal life to himself, seemed pretty upset when he told me she was ill. He said his dad was a wreck. I can only imagine. I'd really rather not.

Be good to yourselves and those you love. You just never know what the next day will bring.

Oh--my mom lost another tooth. I told her she could just sit outside on Halloween and scare the kids away. She was not amused.


MJ Krech said...

Tell Kelsey Happy Birthday from all the Krechs! I just wanna know where's Kelsey's tree?? I don't actually see it in that cool first day photo. I do see Kayleigh's tree. She's looking so grown up!

Amy said...

That stick coming out of her head is her tree. It's supposed to be an autumn purple ash, but it never turns very purple.

laurie said...

gosh they look like you!

cancer is evil. that's all. evil. we are playing pavarotti this morning. one of my best friends has a husband who is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Amy said...

They do look like me. And Eric. Kayleigh looks more like a Gleason--Eric's mom. Kelsey looks like everyone. It's funny to see so many people growing in her face. Their personalities are also interesting mixes of the family. Laurie, you look a lot like your mom. Whenever I see her picture, I'm always astounded at the resemblance. Will you be jumping out of planes at her age?