Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nothing exciting

Well. Day in, day out.

I had my first "quiz" yesterday. I got a 94. It was 50 questions. It took me an hour. Quiz. Here's looking forward to the midterm. I don't know which questions I got wrong. There was at least one I just plain didn't know. Others I wavered on. But I bet I can argue for more points. Even the AP style book waffled on one. The professor said not to keep track of your points. But I will. Numbers are easy. Just look at my nerd rating.

I bought a calendar/planner thingy when we were back-to-school shopping. I have never successfully used one before. It's just not been a way I can organize myself. But I have so many balls in the air right now that I thought I'd try again. Thank god, too, because I wrote down an assignment in lab the other day and then completely forgot it had ever been assigned. I was shocked when I saw it written there. Lesson learned: planner is organizational bible.

Kelsey's first soccer game is this morning. It's 40 degrees. If it weren't beautiful outside, I'd be moving south right now. Kayleigh has refused to come because she doesn't want to freeze. Can't blame her. It's rather early to be so chilly.


jan said...

40 degrees on Sept. 15th? Now i remember why I left Wisconsin.

Marcia said...

Amen, Jan! This IS why we moved south. Oh, that and a blizzard in 1984 on the 15th of MAY. I have never regretted moving south. It's not so much the hot summers that keep me here but the looong springs and falls. Spring starts in Missouri in February or March. End of November is usually when it REALLY gets cold. I DO miss all my Northern Family, that's for sure. Would have been a BLAST to go to Kelsey's soccer game!! How'd she do? Pictures coming, I hope!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

It's really chilly here in Kansas too this morning, but for some reason we have the weekend off of soccer,so I guess I've gotten off easy.

What kind of a class are you taking? I must have missed this before, or the coffee hasn't kicked in yet!

Amy said...

Hey! It's 50 now! It's really quite nice. I want to go to an apple orchard or go for a walk in the woods. But I won't. I'll do my homework and stories instead.

Jan, I'd be right there if it weren't for the hurricanes. Is it a worthy trade-off?

Marcia, your concept of REALLY cold is simply amusing. Kelsey did fine. She took a kick to the stomach, which almost made her barf. She kicked a goal as they blew the quarter-whistle, so she was bummed. No pictures, though. Eric didn't feel like it today, and the little camera was out of batteries. Ah, well.

RC, we have no byes this season. Ugh.

I'm taking a journalism class. It's the first class for journalism majors. They call it boot camp. It's heavy on reading and writing and meets 7.5 hours a week for six credits. There's not much publishing, so that's a little disappointing. I really wanted to learn the design software better.

I'm not sure when I'll graduate. It's a three-semester major, but I don't know how many classes I'd have to take each semester to finish in three. I don't want to overload on school since I have my job and my family to focus on, as well.

laurie said...

well, quit studying and wandering around apple orchards and visit my blog! i meemed ya.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Evidently it's my lot in life to follow laurie everywhere she goes.

After you've been meemed, come to my place and be awarded!

Amy said...

Meemed. I'm thinking...and then I'm passing it on, so be prepared, people.

Thanks for the award, RC! That's so, you know, nice. I'm honored.

Now--I'm back under my rock to study some more.

laurie said...

that's a pretty damned scary lot in life, RC.